Automotive industry

Isolon foams have been used in the automobile manufacturing industry since 1985. Our light-weight, easy-to-convert products substitute many of rigid plastics, being applied on door and instrument panels for increased comfort factor, in chassis protection and wheelhouse covers for better thermal and sound insulation, in adhesive applications etc. We have been optimizing our products in emission rates and other factors year by year to comply with the tightened requirements of the automotive industry.

The relatively low weight of Isolon 500 also has a positive effect. A clear advantage in light construction concepts and a contribution to reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions make Isolon the sound solution for car manufacturers.

Isolon 500 FR (with flame retardant additives) meets the requirements of Russian State Standard GOST 30244-94, ISO 3795, ISO 1152 (in test method) and Automotive FMVSS 302. According to Russian GOST 25076-81 and ISО 3795-76 Isolon is allowed to be used in automotive industry.