WARMLEX® is a gas-expanded polyethylene foam, with non-crosslinked molecular structure. It is extruded and expanded by propane-butane mix. Gas inside the foam is substituted subsequently by air.

Advantages of WARMLEX®:
  • low cost;

  • efficient moist and vapour protection;

  • ecologically safe;

  • non-toxic;

  • stable against oil, gas, petrol;

  • workable.

WARMLEX® features the unique combination of properties, thus being used in a variety of applications. This non-crosslinked PE foam can be converted by different methods to form packaging units of a complex shape and various protective packaging, including the protection of glass.

Standard colors are white and grey.

Due to the wide range of converting machinery, Izhevsk Plastics Plant can offer different products based on WARMLEX® featuring ecological safety, low thermal conductivity, elasticity, light weight and workability.

ISOLONTAPE 100® is a self-adhesive material based on gas-expanded polyethylene foam, single- or double-sided, on a paper core.

WARMLEX® are made of non-crosslinked PE foam with a reflective foil laminated to one or both sides.