General description

Physically crosslinked polyolefin foam ISOLON® 500

ISOLON® - registered trademark.

Brand ISOLON® involves different types of polyolefin foams including PE foam.

ISOLON® features unique properties:
• thermal, sound, vapour insulation and waterproofing;
• resistant to oil, petrol;
• hygienic, environment friendly.

ISOLON® is widely used in almost all production fields:
• building and construction, oil and gas industry;
• medicine and space industry;
• automotive industry and marine applications;
• food industry and electronics;
• machine engineering, packaging;
• footwear and outwear;
• tourism, sports and leisure;
• leather accessories, domestic use.

ISOLON® 500 is physically crosslinked polyolefin foam with closed-cell structure. It is produced in a variety of densities in a three-step process: extrusion, physical crosslinking with the electron beam, and foaming.

Physical crosslinking changes molecular structure of the foam, adding links between molecules, that gives greater thermal stability, long life and enhances mechanical properties of the foam.

The continuous manufacturing process allows a high level of flexibility in product dimensions - width, thickness and length of the rolls can be adjusted to meet requirements of customers.

Advantages of ISOLON® 500:
Excellent thermal insulation. Thermal conductivity ratio 0,036 W/m?С (at density 33 kg/m?).
Efficient protection against water vapour - due to closed-cell structure ISOLON® 500 does not absorb water and works as a hydro insulating material.
Perfect impact sound insulation together with low thickness and dynamic stiffness.
Chemical stability - ISOLON® 500 is resistant to oil and compatible with practically all building materials (e.g. concrete, cement, wood, whitewash, plaster stone etc.).
No rotting, long life - over 30 years.
Environmental safety. No ozone depleting substances are used during production of ISOLON® 500. The foam is allowed to food contact.
Money and time saving in building applications. ISOLON® 500 is easy to work with and can be mounted manually fast and efficiently. Reliable heat and cold preservation permits to perceive economic effect of use of ISOLON® 500 very soon.
Softness, elasticity and low weight makes ISOLON® 500 very workable

The four-digit index is used for designation of ISOLON® 500 grade. The first two digits designate the foaming ratio (expansion of polyolefin), the second two digits correspond to the thickness of the foam. Density of the foam is equal to 1000/ foaming ratio.

ISOLON® 500 features the unique set of chemical and mechanical properties. Densities are available within the range of 25-200 kg/m3, thickness 0,8-50 mm.

Izhevsk Plastics Plant offers the following types of ISOLON® 500:
ISOLON® 500 AV -physically crosslinked polyolefin foam expanded in a vertical oven;
ISOLON® 500 AH - physically crosslinked polyolefin foam expanded in a horizontal oven;
ISOLON® 500 SV - soft type - physically crosslinked EVA foam expanded in a vertical oven;
ISOLON® 500 SH - soft type - physically crosslinked EVA foam expanded in a horizontal oven;
• under development - physically crosslinked polypropylene foam, high-strength PO foam.

ISOLON®foam is used as a basis for various products of Izhevsk Plastics Plant:

ISOLONTAPE® is a self-adhesive material based on ISOLON®, single- or double-sided, on a paper core.