About us

Izhevsk Plastics Plant is the leading Russian polymer processor and manufacturer of physically and chemically crosslinked polyolefin foams. It is located in the heart of Russia, in Izhevsk. 
Izhevsk Plastics Plant was founded in 1972 as a manufacturer of plastic elements for IZHMASH automobile plant. At that time our company produced semi-rigid moulded polyurethane foam for car seats and interior trim, injection molding and PU elastomers.  
The company management early realized that polymer foaming provided vital way to cut material use and weight in plastics products making them more cost-effective.  
The leadership of foaming in many fields — from packaging to long-term construction and automotive applications — became our priority. 
The first foaming facility was supplied and assembled in Izhevsk by engineers of Sekisui Chemical Co. Ltd in 1985. 
At present the plant offers wide range of polyolefin foams and foam products known under the brand name ISOLON®
In 2006 we introduced a new line of adhesive products ISOLONTAPE — single- and double-sided adhesive tapes for construction industry. 
With different methods of foaming Izhevsk Plastics Plant produces multiple foam types of density varying from 20 to 200 kg/m3, such as: 
ISOLON® 500 - physically crosslinked polyolefin foam 
ISOLON® 300 - chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam 
ISOLON® 100 - expanded (non-crosslinked) polyethylene foam 
Quality management system of Izhevsk Plastics Plant is certified according to ISO 9001-2015. We are strongly committed to meet expectations of our respected customers delighting them with individual approach and the products and services of highest quality.  
More than 500 employees are proud of our company due to the leadership in foam production market, annual growth of economic and financial results and unique team of foam professionals. 
We supply ISOLON® to the leading foam converters in Russia, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Rep., Netherlands, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine and other countries.