General description

Product range of Izhevsk Plastics Plant includes various types of foams, united under the brand name Isolon but differing in their production process, chemical composition and physical properties. We offer physically and chemically crosslinked Isolon, as well as non-crosslinked PE foam, thus presenting various foaming technologies.

ISOLON 500 is physically crosslinked closed-cell polyolefin foam produced by continuous process in 4 stages: mixing, extrusion, crosslinking and vertical foaming. Physical crosslinking means formation of linkes in polymer molecular structure with the aid of electron beams. Physically crosslinked foam features very smooth surface, greater thermal stability, durability and enhanced mechanical properties. Isolon 500 was our first product introduced to the European foam market, that is highly demanded now due to its high quality at a reasonable price.


  • Excellent thermal insulation. Thermal conductivity factor is 0,036 W/m°C at density 33 kg/m3.
  • Almost zero water absorption. Due to the closed-cell structure Isolon 500 does not absorb water and vapour, thus providing good protection against moisture.
  • Good impact sound insulation. This makes Isolon 500 perfect material for the floor underlay to eliminate structural noise.
  • Chemical stability. Isolon 500 is resistant to most chemicals including oil, petrol, solvents etc. It is also compatible with almost all building materials such as concrete, cement, timber, lime, plaster etc.
  • Durability. Isolon 500 is rotting-resistant. Its service life is over 30 years.
  • Hygienic and ecological safety. No ozone depleting substances are used during Isolon production. Isolon 500 is allowed to be used in contact with human skin and food according to Russian state hygienic standards.
  • Soft flexible and low-weight Isolon 500 is easy to work with.
  • Compatibility. Isolon 500 is allowed to be used in electric appliances according to UL94.
  • Save disposal by recycling, dumping or incineration.

Isolon is the registered brand of Izhevsk Plastics Plant