Product range of Izhevsk Plastics Plant includes various types of foams, united under the brand name Isolon but differing in their production process, chemical composition and physical properties. We offer physically and chemically crosslinked Isolon, as well as non-crosslinked PE foam, thus presenting various foaming technologies.

Isolon 100 — non-crosslinked closed-cell polyethylene foam expanded without the use of ozone depleting substances such as CFCs or HCFCs. With its low weight and good shock absorption Isolon 100 is mainly used as a packaging material.

Advantages of Isolon 100

  • Low cost
  • Efficient barrier against moisture and vapour
  • Ecological friendliness
  • Non toxic, no odour
  • Resistant to oil and petrol
  • Low-weight and easy to work with

Isolon 100 can be colored and laminated to aluminium foil and metallized PET film.

Density: 19-45 kg/m3

Thickness: 1 ... 10 mm (single layer). Multi-layer up to 50 mm

Width: 1,05 m, 1,3 m, 1,6 m

Working temperature range −80°C...+80°C.