Isolon with anti-slip properties and improved internal strength

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Being focused on the customers' needs, Izhevsk Plastics Plant, Russian manufacturer of high-quality polyolefin foams, has just introduced several novelties to be presented at Foam Expo 2018.

The new product Isolon SV C50 is a closed-cell physically crosslinked PO foam that combines anti-slip and unique touch and feel properties. Being very soft and flexible, and with low deformation set, Isolon SV C50 cushions like rubber and holds its shape very well. Featuring also good hygienic properties and very smooth surface, the new foam has a wide range of application opportunities, for example in the orthopaedic and shoe industries. Isolon SV C50 is also applied as an anti-slip backing for office desk items, calendars, planners etc.

Another novelty is Isolon MV - a closed-cell physically crosslinked high performance PO foam. With a special formulation developed by the engineers of Izhevsk Plastics Plant, Isolon MV fueatures fine cellular structure, ultra smooth surface and increased mechanical properties. Thus, tensile strength of this foam grade is about 50% higher than that of standard Isolon AV grades. Great internal strength of Isolon MV permits to use it in a variety of applications that require more foam durability. Adhesive friendly surface of this foam can be also Corona treated to ensure perfect anchorage between adhesives and the foam skin.

Isolon SV C50 and Isolon MV are available in a wide range of density and thickness. Isolon is a skin friendly non-toxic material, it complies with Russian Public Health and Hygiene Safety Standards. For detailed information please contact 



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