NEW! Non-crosslinked foam WARMLEX®



Izhevsk Plastics Plant JSC announces the cessation of production of ISOLON® 100 non-cross-linked polyethylene foam and the start of production of gas-filled non-cross-linked polyethylene foam under the trademark WARMLEX® for the packaging industry.


The non-crosslinked VOMLEKS® polyethylene foam is intended for use in the packaging industry, and has a number of unique properties:


 - Stable physical and mechanical characteristics;

 - Application temperature −60 ... + 80 ° С;

 - Optimum price / quality ratio;

 - Effective waterproofing, protection against moisture and steam;

 - Oil, oil and gas resistant;

 - Environmental and hygiene safety;

 - The material is non-toxic;

 - Easy to use;

 - The best solution as protective and shock-absorbing packaging for a wide range of goods;

 - The standard color of the roll is white.


Please note that WARMLEX® and ISOLON® are registered trademarks issued only by Izhevsk Plastics Plant JSC

Using the ISOLON® and WARMLEX® trademarks for the name or designation of materials issued by other manufacturers is not allowed and is a violation of the laws of the Russian Federation!

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